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Why should I filter water?

Natural water is not pure. Chemically pure water (H2O) consists of the two elements hydrogen and oxygen. In nature, chemically pure water however does not exist. Rainwater absorbs various substances from the atmosphere, e.g. CO2 and as part of the water cycle, it then flows through the soil layers and becomes enriched with further ingredients.


The water hardness varies from region to region. With the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer the carbonate hardness is reduced and household appliances are protected from limescale deposits. Regarding the heavy metalls in the water the waterworks normally supply clear water. However it is possible that the water pipes emit lead, zinc and copper to the water. These substances as well as chlorine, which affects the smell and taste of  the water, should be filtered out of the water.  

The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer does not only reduce the limescale content in the water but also mineralizes it with the mineral magnesium. The result is an almost neutral ph-value, perfect for the daily drinking pleasure of water, tead and coffee.


Your tap water can do more!


You have enough of carrying and storing innumerable water bottles? The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer is the clever alternative to bottled water.


Always fresh, always available!

Simply hold the Magnesium Mineralizer under the tap, turn on the water, filter the water...




... and enjoy with magnesium mineralized, filtered water.



The unique magnesium technology





Multi-stage filtration process

Unique and only from BWT: By adding magnesium to the water, the mineral balance is maintained. For perfect taste!

Video: Multi-stage filtration