Balanced Alkalized Water (3 Pack, oval) - BWT Best Water Technology Balanced Alkalized Water (3 Pack, oval)

Balanced Alkalized Water (3 Pack, oval)

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  • turns tap water into alkaline water, pH > 8.5
  • even better drinking water – reduced chlorine content and fewer heavy metals
  • antioxidant water
  • produced in Austria to the HACCP standard
  • made of LFGB-approved materials and BPA-free
  • you can save our environment up to 120 plastic bottles (1 l) with 1 cartridge
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Balanced Alkalized Water

The BWT Balanced Alkalized Water filter cartridge alkalizes tap water by creating a higher pH value (>8.5) during the filter process. At the same time, it also reduces heavy metals (such as lead and copper) and substances such as chlorine, which can affect the smell and taste. The alkaline water supports the regulation of the acid-base balance in the human body and promotes general well-being.

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