Rhubarb, strawberry and woodruff iced-lolly - BWT Best Water Technology 

Rhubarb, strawberry and woodruff iced-lolly



  • 250 g rhubarb concentrate (pressed rhubarb)

  • 130 g strawberries washed and quartered

  • 100 g woodruff syrup

  • 150 g unrefined sugar

  • 1 dash of lemon juice

  • 5 wooden lollipop sticks

  • 150 ml with magnesium mineralized, filtered drinking water




Mix the unrefined sugar into the magnesium- mineralized, filtered water in a ratio of 1:1 and allow to infuse chilled for 2-3 days with the woodruff syrup and lemon slices. Mix all ingredients together, pour into the lollipop moulds, add the sticks and freeze. The tasty magnesium-water lolly is ready to enjoy.