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Water ice recipes

On hot summer days, an iced-lolly is the perfect refreshment. For those who like to cool down easily and above all quickly, there is nothing better than reaching into your own freezer and grabbing a home-made BWT Magnesium iced-lolly.


Passion fruit, mango and lemon balm iced-lolly
Passion fruit, mango and lemon balm iced-lollySunny Moodto the recipe
Rhubarb, strawberry and woodruff iced-lolly
Rhubarb, strawberry and woodruff iced-lollySpring Awakenessto the recipe
Melon and peppermint iced-lolly
Melon and peppermint iced-lollyInner Balanceto the recipe
Lemon balm and pear iced-lolly
Lemon balm and pear iced-lollyStress Solution Lollyto the recipe
Raspberry and sage lollies
Raspberry and sage lolliesMagic Bullet Lollyto the recipe
Redcurrant, ginger and yoghurt iced-lolly
redcurrant, ginger and yoghurt iced-lollyVitamin Bombeto the recipe