Recipes - BWT Best Water Technology 

Smoothies – the nutrient rich refreshment

For everyone who has a passion for a quick and easy refreshment, the six smoothie recipes from BWT are exactly the right drink. The recipes are created by choosing the perfect fruits combination and the secret and most important ingredient, the BWT magnesium water, make them taste irresistible. Convince yourself. Banana-Mango-Smoothie, green smoothie or the exotic Tropical Beach Smoothie – you will find a smoothie for every taste. They are easy to prepare, taste aromatic fresh and are the ideal and fruity refreshment for health conscious people.


Ice-lolly - Simple and quick to prepare

For everyone who has a passion for an unique magnesium ice-lolly as a snack, BWT and the Jeunes Restaurateurs have developed six wonderful ice-lolly recipes, brought together in a high-quality brochure. Whether raspberry-and-sage lollies, rhubarb-strawberry-woodruff ices or the lemon balm - pear lolly: an ice machine is not necessary for these intriguing ices - they are quick to prepare, taste wonderfully fresh and are low in calories. As an alternative, BWT magnesium water ensures refreshing drinking enjoyment on hot days.