Pure - BWT Best Water Technology 


The Magnesium Mineralizer Pure transforms conventional tap water into fresh and filtered drinking water. The Magnesium Mineralizer Pure is perfect for connoisseurs of still mineral water. It produces filtered water by the turn of the tap. The filter cartridge reduces the lime concentration in the water, as well as the substances impairing the water's taste and smell.


Unique and only from BWT: during the filtration the water is mineralized with the essential mineral magnesium. Magnesium is a flavour carrier and makes the water soft and fresh. Perfect for the daily drinking pleasure. Carrying and storing of countless water bottles is a thing of the past.


Seperated inner water ways for 100% purity and taste

To ensure that the filtered water does not get into touch with the unfiltered water or metal parts after filtering, the high quality fitting features two separate water ways: one for the normal tap water and one for the filtered water.



By turning the left handle of the tap you will receive filtered and with magnesium mineralized drinking water. By turning the right handle of the tap  the normal hot or cold tap water can be regulated.