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AQUAdrink Magnesium MineralizerThe AQUAdrink Magnesium Mineralizer turns
conventional tap water into filtered and
with magnesium mineralized water.
For daily drinking pleasure!

Kitchen mixer tap with water filter

Two market leaders - one partnership


BWT and Grohe unite innovative filter technology and high quality design. A strategic partnership of two premium brands which represent modern technologies, highest quality standards and sustainabilty.


Filtering water has never been this elegant and easy

In Europe, it is natural for us to enjoy the luxury of drinking water straight from the tap. To still our thirst, however, we frequently chose bottled mineral water. That means carrying and storing of innumerable water bottles. With the AQUAdrink Magnesium Mineralizer this is a thing of the past. Simply turn on the tap and enjoy filtered, cooled, still or sparkling water straight from the tap. Filtering water has never been so individual.


Cool & Sparkling: The filter system filters and cools the water and depending on your personal taste carbonizes the water. The result is with magnesium mineralized, cooled water either with a fine or strong sparkle.

Pure: Transforms conventional tap water into fresh still drinking water. For filtered water straight from the tap.


Seperated inner water ways for 100% purity and taste

To ensure that the filtered water does not get into touch with the unfiltered water or metal parts after filtering, the high quality fitting features two seperate water ways. One for the ordinary mains water and one for the filtered water.



Unique and only from BWT

During the filtration the tap water is enriched with the mineral magnesium. As magnesium is a flavour carrier it ensures perfect tasting water!



AQUAdrink Magnesium Mineralizer

Filtered and with magnesium mineralized drinking water either still or sparkling right from the tap!