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Cool & Sparkling

Do you like your drinking water still or sparkling? Or somewhere in between? With the AQUAdrink Magnesium Mineralizer you have the choice. First the water is filtered and thanks to the patented magnesium technology it is mineralized with the essential mineral magnesium. Afterwards the filtered water is cooled tasting fresh and pure.


However you imagine a perfect water refreshment to be. By turning the left handle of the tap you can regulate the cooled and filtered water and decide how sparkling your drinking water should be:


  • still water
  • medium water
  • sparkling water




When turning the right handle you will receive normal cold or hot tap water.


Cool in still, medium or sparkling

The different colours of the LED indicator in the handle let you see your chosen carbonation level at a glance - still, medium or sparkling. It also tells you when the filter capacity has fallen below 10% and soon will need to be changed. The water temperature can also be set to your personal taste, individually regulated between 6° and 10°C.


    Unique and only from BWT:

    During the filtration the tap water is enriched with the mineral magnesium. As magnesium is a flavour carrier it ensures perfect tasting water.




The clever way to support your daily magnesium requirement. For an active and vital lifestyle.



Fresh and filtered water right from the tap.



Magnesium is a flavour carrier. For daily drinking pleasure.