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Nutrition tips for the office

Healthy nutrition is the best physical performance optimizer. Learn how to realize a vital and healthy nutrition with just a few basics: 


Basic 1: Kick-off with energy

A good day starts with a good breakfast! The most important is, to eat something at all; because a low blood sugar level – due to not eating – reduces the physical performance. However, enjoy in moderation: eating too much is as wrong as not eating anything. It is better to start with a small breakfast and later at your workplace treat yourself with another breakfast snack.

You should, however, avoid the “marmalade depression“ as it is called by experts: too much sugar and white flour stop the brain from working. High-quality proteins and oligosaccharides (e.g. contained in cereals, milk and yoghurt), however, increase the concentration. The perfect start into the day! 


Basic 2: Combining foodstuff the right way


Each office is as good as its team. The same applies to the body and foodstuff. Be careful on which „team“ you rely and how it works together.


  • Proteins

    Proteins help to satisfy the hunger also over a longer time. You should, however, pay attention to the fat content. Give preference to products e.g. skimmed milk, buttermilk, low fat quark, fish and soya products. Eat meat and sausage in moderation or at least decide for products with a low fat content e.g. boiled ham and turkey breast. 


  • Fruit and vegetables 

    Enjoy fruit and vegetables. This does not only fill your plate with fresh products, but also increases the intake of nutrients. For your body it means: more vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other substances making you fit for work.


  • Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates serve the body as a reliable energy supplier. Combine short-term with medium-term or long-term energy generators. Marmalade, honey or a banana supply quick energy. Supplement this power boost by carbohydrates (e.g. cereals), which are more slowly absorbed into the blood. Like this you keep your energy balance constant during the whole office day.

Basic 3: Full concentration with vitamins & co..


Fruit and vegetables are the top-managers among nutrients. They regulate the metabolic processes, keep the body functions going and allow our thought factory to work at peak performance.

Several things should, however, be observed at storage and processing. Many vitamins are destroyed by light and air. The same applies to washing and cooking. Raw consumption provides for the highest vitamin content.


Basic 4: Relying on the right fats 


Fats are not per se unhealthy. Quite the opposite: they guarantee the information flow in the brain, supply the cell walls and are indispensable for the vitamin absorption. Therefore you should distinguish between “good” and “bad” fats.

In this context please note that the body absorbs and utilizes vegetable fats better than animal fat. At oil you should pay attention to “cold pressed”, because this way the sensitive, valuable ingredients are preserved.


Basic 5: Eating a better lunch


More and more avoid canteen, fast-food restaurants and microwave. Food containing high levels of sugar, food rich in fat, convenience food and insufficient fibres affect your performance.

Instead of this rely on a high share of fruit and careful preparation and taste our

job-fit recipes

Basic 6: Planning what you eat


The second breakfast gives us power. The morning snack provides us with energy without burdening the organism. The afternoon snack preserves our physical fitness until finishing work.

Make an eating plan for each day. Exactly determine when you want to supply your body with energy. You will see: what in the beginning seems to be strange and unusual, will quickly become routine that makes fun!


Basic 7: Nibbling allowed!


Having a nibble simply makes fun. Enjoyed in moderation nothing is to be said against it. With a few simple tips you will keep your sweet tooth under control.

For example, don’t stock up. This way you avoid intentional taking of sweets. Here is a little tip: nibble only as much as fits in one hand. By the way, chocolate with high cocoa content generally has less fat.