Elderberry Balm Tea - BWT Best Water Technology 

Elderberry Balm Tea

Ingredients for 1 serving:


  • 250ml filtered water

  • Dried lemon balm leaves (approx. 1 tblsp) or lemon balm tea bag

  • 1 stalk lemon balm

  • 1 tsp agave syrup 

  • 125ml elderberry juice (freshly squeezed) 

  • 2 tblsp lime juice




Filter some tap water with the BWT table water filter and prepare a tea with the water and the dried lemon balm leaves or with a tea bag. Add the fresh lemon balm and leave to cool. Add the agave juice and elderberry juice and combine well with the lime juice. Place an ice cube in a glass and pour the tea over it.



Agave juice: Agave juice is a natural sweetener with a high concentration of fructose. The fructose content in this syrup has a positive effect on blood sugar, is not harmful to the body and helps maintain concentration levels. Agave juice is the perfect sweetener for a range of workplace foods and it is also suitable for diabetics.




2 in 1. Ideal as an iced tea straight from the fridge in summer, and a delicious hot drink in winter.


Extra tip:

The drink is best prepared a few days in advance. Stir in 2 dessert spoons of instant oat flakes to turn the lemon balm elderberry tea at a stroke into ‘breakfast to go’.