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Do you have enough of limescale
deposits in your shower and bath?
BWT Quick & Clean provides an alternative to scrubbing
and aggressive cleaning agents in your bathroom.
Simply press the button and the anticalc filtersystem
protects your shower and bath from limescale residues.

For a brilliant shine!
Simply press to clean!With BWT Quick & Clean, the revolutionary
anticalc filtersystem.

Anticalc Filtersystem

BWT Quick & Clean for a brilliant shine in the shower and bath

BWT Quick & Clean makes the laborious scrubbing and cleaning of shower screens, fixtures, fittings and tiles unnecessary in an instant, without the use of chemical cleaning agents.


Water with a high calcium content leaves deposits on shower screens, fixtures and fittings in the shower and on bathroom tiles. Until now, the only way of removing limescale deposits from the bathroom was with regular wiping after every shower or bath. But this is now a thing of the past with the new BWT ‘Quick &Clean’ filtration system. The limescale protection filtration system removes limescale from the bath at the press of a button and rinses the shower wall, tiles, fixtures and fittings with filtered water.


The results speak for themselves - a brilliant shine in the shower and bath

  • No limescale deposits

  • No soap residues

  • No wiping


The benefits for you and the environment:

Vorteile Nachwischen



BWT Quick & Clean protects glass, tiles and fittings in the shower and bath against limescale, with no extra wiping required

Vorteil Reinigungsmittel



BWT Quick & Clean economises on costly cleaning agents and involves no chemicals

Vorteil Zeit



Saves time and extra cleaning 

Brilliant shine in shower & bath without the use of chemical cleaning agents

BWT Quick & Clean Anticalc Filtersystem

Functionality of the BWT Quick & Clean: no limescale deposists or soap residues



"Best of the Best" & "Trendproduct of the year 2012"

BWT Quick & Clean wins the Golden Award "Best of the Best" in the category "household & cleaning" as well as the election "Trendproduct of the year 2012"