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Frequent questions

Putting the table water filter into service


How long can I use the filter cartridges?
In order to achieve an optimal filter effect, you should replace the filter cartridge every 4 weeks. The useful lifespan depends on the quality and on the degree of hardness of your tap water.
How many litres of filter capacity do the cartridges have?
The filter capacity depends on the water quality and hardness of your tap water. Under normal conditions of use, we guarantee a filter capacity of 100 litres for the ‘universal’-filter cartridge (round) and for the ‘Magnesium Mineralizer’ cartridge (oval) up to 120 litres. Making, the ‘Magnesium Mineralizer’-filter cartridge one of the most effective filter cartridges on the market.
What do I have to consider before using and replacing the filter cartridge for the first time?
Before the first use or replacement of a used filter cartridge, clean the jug, funnel and lid of the BWT water filtering system with mild soap water and rinse thoroughly with clean warm water. Do not use any scrubbing cleaning agents or scrubbing sponges, as scratch marks may be left on the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer water filtering system. The jug and funnel are dishwasher safe. The lid may not be cleaned in the dishwasher.


In order to achieve an optimal filtering effect, we recommend you put the filter cartridge into tap water and leave it for 5 minutes. This water is not then drinkable; please pour it away.
  After this, insert the new filter cartridge into the funnel of the water filtering system by applying gentle pressure.
  The lid of the BWT water filtering system is equipped with the automatic ‘Easy-Fill’ filling system. Therefore it is not necessary to remove the lid when filling the jug. The Easy-Fill system opens automatically when the water jet hits the opening and closes automatically again after filling. Pour away the first filling of filtered water and refill the BWT water filtering system. The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer water filtering system is now ready for use.
What do I have to consider when filtering?
  • The BWT water filtering system may only be filled and used with cold water which is known to be safe and meets the legal requirements. 
  • The water filter is not suitable for the production of drinking water; i.e. the filter is not suitable for the treatment of contaminated water. 
  • The BWT filtered water is intended for short-term use. It may not be exposed to direct sunlight and is to be stored in a cool place no longer than 24 hours. If the filtered water stands in the water filtering system for longer than 24 hours, white marks may be left in the jug through the evaporation of the water, which can easily be removed by cleaning. 
  • After more than 3 litres of water have been filtered in one process, a pause of at least 15 minutes should be respected. 
  • Permanent water contact with the filter cartridge is not absolutely necessary in order to guarantee the durable functioning of the filter cartridge. The filter cartridge keeps functioning even if it is not immersed in water for a longer time.
  • If you are requested by the authorities to boil tap water as a result of contamination, this also applies to BWT filtered water. When the authorities approve the tap water again as being harmless to health, the filter cartridge must be exchanged. The water filtering system must be cleaned. 
  • For certain groups of persons, e.g. persons with restricted immune defences and for the preparation of baby food, the BWT filtered water must be boiled. 
  • According to the recommendations of the WHO, the filter cartridge contains small quantities of silver, in order to avoid the growth of germs. 
  • The filter cartridge must be replaced at least every 4 weeks after the first use.
Where is the best to store the filtered water?
Ideally, you should store the filtered water in your fridge. Our models fit into most commercially available refrigerator doors.
How does the "Easy Control" electronic exchange indicator work?
The Easy-Control device counts exactly the number of fillings and the useful lifespan left and a flashing indicator reminds you when it is time to change the filter.

Please note that the Easy-Control feature indicates the number of fillings (the volume of the funnel varies according to the BWT water filtering system) and not the number of litres filtered.

The filter cartridge should be changed at least every 4 weeks, even if the capacity (number of fillings) of the filter cartridge has not yet been reached. This is indicated by the flashing of the Easy-Control display. 

Counting pause with non-use 
Unique and money-saving: For periods of non-use, the time can be stopped and at reuse be started again. The current number of fillings is displayed when filling or by pushing the Easy-Control key once. The indicator turns off after 30 seconds. 

Table water filter with Easy Control 
All 2,7 litres BWT table water filter models.
How does filling work best?
Place the "Easy-Fill" opening directly under the water tap and hold the water filter slightly tipped to the front in order to avoid water splashes. Open the water tap and direct the water jet into the front opening side of the flap. Fill the funnel as full as possible. The water now automatically runs through the filter cartridge.



How do I best care for my filtering system?


  • At each replacement, the BWT water filtering system should be cleaned with mild soapy water and rinsed thoroughly with hot water. Do not use any scrubbing cleaning agents or scrubbing sponges, as scratch marks may be left on the water filtering system. The jug and funnel are dishwasher safe.
  • During use of the BWT water filtering system, limescale stains may be caused in particular on the lid of the BWT water filtering system through the drying of water drops. The limescale stains can be removed with a commercially available decalcifying agent/limescale remover.
  • The lid including "Easy Control" must not be cleaned in the dishwasher 


How do I detach the "Easy-Control" in order to clean the lid?

In principle we recommend leaving the lid with the ‘Easy Control’ in the lid insert and cleaning it by hand as the ‘Easy Control’ is not dishwasher safe. If necessary, to remove the "Easy Control" completely from the lid, please press gently underneath the lid against the protruding plastic lug with a screwdriver and carefully push the "Easy Control" to the top until it is loose. After removing the "Easy Control", fix it in place again by gently fitting/clicking it back in. 



Where are the filter cartridges and filtering systems produced?
As a quality manufacturer, all our water filter cartridges are produced in Mondsee, Austria. Our ultramodern production plant is located there, which is subject to permanent quality control. The filtering systems are produced in Germany and fulfil the highest requirements in terms of materials and processing.
Are the materials of which the table water filters and the cartridges are produced BPA-free?
Yes, neither the table water filter nor the cartridges are made of plastics which contain BPA. The table water filter is made of SAN and ABS. For the production of the cartridges PP and PPs is used.
How is the quality of filter cartridges guaranteed?
Our production facilities in Austria and Germany are in compliance with the strict ISO-guidelines and the hygiene regulations of the HACCP-Concept and have been tested several times by independent auditors. The food quality of the products is controlled by the independent TÜV Rheinland/LGA. In order to meet the highest requirements in hygiene, the filter cartridges are sterilized and contain a small amount of silver (according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO). As such, we provide a constant level of high quality. Only then can we guarantee that the handling of drinking water also always corresponds with the highest hygiene standards.
What are the ingredients of the filter granulate?

Our filter granules consist of a carefully balanced mixture of activated carbon and ion exchangers. Thanks to its large surface area, the activated carbon binds with taste-inhibiting substances, e.g. chlorine and chlorine compounds. The ion-exchangers absorb calcareous substances (e.g. calcium) and heavy metals (e.g. lead and copper) and remove them from the filtered water.


Additionally, the BWT filter granulates are fitted with the patent protected Magnesium technology with which magnesium-ions in exchange with calcium-ions are added to the filtered water. As a result the pH-value is reduced less in comparison to other table water filters. This results in a better tasting water, as well as the food and drinks prepared with it.
Is there a best before date for filter cartridges?

If they are stored properly, the original BWT cartridges can be kept for several years

Stored properly means:

• Temperatures between 1°C and 40°C.
• No direct sunlight.
• No exposure to radiation.
• The cartridges must be kept in the original sealed packaging.

Will Fluoride be filtered or reduced by the BWT Filter Cartridge?
No, the BWT filter cartridge is not designed to filter Fluoride from the water or to reduce the amount of Fluoride.



What do I do with used filter cartridges?

Always observe the local provisions for disposal!


  • Filter cartridges and filter filling: Dispose of used filter cartridges and filter fillings with household waste.
  • Packing material: Dispose of foil and cardboard packaging (locally possible) in separate waste containers. This makes a contribution to environmental protection.
  • Water filtering system: The water filtering system should be disposed of in separate waste containers (locally possible). This makes a contribution to environmental protection. 
  • The ‘Easy-Control’ exchange indicator is an electronic component part, which is to be disposed according to the locally applicable provisions and legal regulations. The exchange indicator can be removed from the lid by means of a screwdriver placed on at the rim of the ‘Easy-Control’ device. The ‘Easy-Control’ device should only be removed from the lid for disposal.
A part is defective, broken or similar

Within the scope of legal warranty, we will replace the defective part completely (e.g. the lid) and send you a spare part free of charge. In principle, BWT grants a manufacturer’s guarantee of two years on the water filtering system you have bought.


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