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Unique and only from BWT: the addition of magnesium

When the heat is on: water with extra magnesium

1.7.2015 8:00   Mondsee

Temperatures around 30 degrees and plenty of sunshine! We love summers like this! Regardless of where we spend the greater part of the summer – in an office without air-conditioning, by a lake, by the sea, reading in the shade or participating in sports – on days like this it is extremely important to drink sufficient fluids. Those who want to avoid feeling lethargic must, above all, keep a cool head. The best way to do this is to drink sufficient water throughout the day – and with one of the most important minerals for the body: magnesium!


Support your magnesium balance intelligently
Magnesium is lost through perspiration. Magnesium is also used up when thinking regularly and intensively! Whether during sport, during mental activity, under stress or because the temperatures are rising: now, we need even more than the average 300 mg1 of magnesium normally needed per day. This requirement doesn't need to be satisfied with mineral supplement tablets, though. Magnesium is delivered completely automatically to our bodies if we satisfy the huge thirst ever-present during summer with the right water. In the best case, we get this from the tap - provided it is allowed to run through the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer first before drinking. If we are clever, we consume the necessary magnesium by drinking water - and enjoy a more rounded taste.


Not only exceptional because of the taste
The Magnesium Mineralizer from BWT is the only water filter that enriches water with essential magnesium during the filtering process. The patented Magnesium technology is unique and ensures that magnesium ions are released during the filtering process. It is tasty, promotes effectiveness, activates the energy metabolism and, on top of all this, is very simple to produce and much better value than bottled water. The Magnesium Mineralizer also looks exceptional visually on the desk, in the kitchen or out on the patio. So you can take care of your fluid requirements in balance and with style. 

Greater variety – low in calories

The BWT Magnesium ice lolly recipes are great tasting and low in calories. The experts of BWT and the star chefs of the Jeunes Restaurateurs union have created all manner of tasty ideas to bring variety to your every-day life. Magnesium water on a stick, for example. You will find inspirations for BWT ice lollies at www.bwt-filter.com. And best of all: lots of magnesium, low in calories! And because we should conserve our energy in these high temperatures, there is yet another argument for the Magnesium Mineralizer from BWT: dragging crates of water around is no longer necessary! The filter cartridges are available in retail stores or can be ordered simply online at Amazon or in the BWT online shop. 


You will find further information on BWT at www.bwt-filter.com.


1Source: German Agency for Nutrition