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Wellness in a cup: Tea and mineralised water are pure relaxation

Don't wait - drink tea!

22.10.2015 10:00   Mondsee

In a normal autumn, with serious storms, rain and cold temperatures, people begin to crave for warmth. This can come from within as well as from warm clothing and heaters. Put the heating on - and raise your teacups! Add maybe a good book to perfect your rest on the sofa. Teas containing St. Johns wort, harvested in the sun, are perfect for raising your inner temperature and relaxation, Rosehip tea is perfect for a healthy dose of freshness, Coltsfoot tea for those already blocked nasal passages, Hops tea again for relaxation, and Lime blossom tea for reminding us of gentle summer days.


The best water quality increases your enjoyment of tea - quality always comes first!
Those of us who need the kick from black or green tea should source good quality leaves - and allow enough time for infusing. Holistically cultivated teas conserve the environment and also brew a simply wonderful pure tea containing no pollutants. Those who take the following advice will not only satisfy their thirst, but will also celebrate a moment of peace and enjoyment.
The quality of the water is vital to the the infusion. If you have ever made your black or green tea with a very hard water containing lots of limescale, you will already have experienced the unattractive streaks that float on the surface of the tea. They don't just look unappetising, but also clearly reduce the perfect enjoyment. Apart from that: the kettle also suffers when hard water is used - it has to be regularly descaled and at some point will even have to be disposed of. Professionals and passionate tea lovers therefore use a filter to descale their tea water. The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter is suited perfectly to this. It doesn't just ensure that the water tastes softer, because taste impairing substances are filtered out. It also enriches the tea water with an extra shot of goodness. 

Not only a highlight because of the taste
The Magnesium Mineralizer is in fact the only water filter that enriches water with essential magnesium during the filtering process. The patented Magnesium technology is unique and ensures that magnesium ions are released during the filtering process. This rounds off the taste of the tea water perfectly and ensures a better dosage of the mineral often lacking in our diets - Magnesium. This aids relaxation in the truest sense of the word, because it has a positive effect on the transmission of stimuli from the nerves to the muscles, thus preventing cramps and tension. Those who then use this water to make a hops, lemon balm or Ayurvedic tea infusion have a perfect wellness treatment to drink! 

Grapefruit-mint drink with rosemary hot or cold?!
This is also the case for the BWT recipe: making a tea from magnesium mineralised, filtered water along with peppermint leaves. Pour into a carafe and add a rosemary twig. Lightly press the lemongrass stalks to open the fibres. Add this ingredient to the carafe as well, and allow to infuse for approximately one hour. Squeeze the grapefruit and add the juice. This cocktail can be enjoyed either as a hot tea or cold.

Consciously drinking sufficient quantities - even in autumn this should be two or three litres daily - strengthens the immune system and ensures a well-prepared start into winter.

You will find further information on BWT at www.bwt-filter.com.