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Tips for a satisfying breakfast

24.2.2016 16:00   Mondsee

A healthy diet is the best way to optimize performance. A good day starts with a good breakfast! It is equally important to start the day by drinking sufficient water. Low blood-sugar levels - as a consequence of not eating - reduces performance. But enjoy in moderation: eating too much is just as bad as not eating at all. For preference, start with a small breakfast and enjoy an extra breakfast snack later at work.


Start your day with a tasty cereal
Avoid the "marmalade low", as our food expert Reinhard-Karl Üblacker calls it: too much sugar and white flour slows the brain down. High quality proteins and complex sugars (contained in cereals, milk and yogurt, as examples) increase concentration. Reinhard-Karl Üblacker encourages better snacking- and drinking habits in everyday (working) life. The professional nutritionist has been making healthy and essential food ready for eating in the office for years and shows that the right nutritional strategy and careful water management can significantly improve performance levels at work. An unsweetened cereal with dried fruit gives a "kick" in the morning. Instead of milk, Reinhard-Karl Üblacker likes to use magnesium-mineralised, filtered water from the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer.


More power from breakfast
It's in the mix! In our case, the KiBa (cherry and banana) cereal mix by Hafervoll (, topped with magnesium water from the Magnesium Mineralizer. The four different cereal types (oats, rye, barley and wheat) provide a large amount of energy. The banana crisps, with their relatively high potassium content, support the body's water balance and the morello cherries are bursting with antioxidants. Residing in the "SUPERFOOD" category, chia seeds are true power suppliers, because they contain lots of protein and also provide a good balance between the fatty acids omega 3 to omega 6. But - less is more; a daily dose of 15 grams of chia seeds should be sufficient. Chia seeds are designated as a "SUPERFOOD" because these seeds are far superior in their nutritional composition to other foodstuffs in comparable quantities. The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer provides the important mineral magnesium and thus ensures the perfect breakfast. 

Building blocks to balance the body
Magnesium performs various functions for the body: the mineral activates a large quantity of different enzymes that we require for our metabolism. It aids bone development, keeps teeth strong and boosts the cardiovascular and nervous systems. A magnesium deficiency can cause disturbances in nerve and muscle activity: cramps are probably the best known symptom of a possible magnesium deficiency, but it can also cause headaches and disturbed sleep. 

An extra tip: drink evenly throughout the day in sufficient quantities 

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