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Valuable drinking tips for everyday life

Sip for sip to personal well-being

2.12.2015 14:00   Mondsee

Tired, weak and lethargic? Drinking a sufficient amount is important, even during the winter months. To remain effective and focussed, the body needs - depending on weight and burden - an average of two to three litres of water per day. We consume some of this via our daily food intake. We cannot, however, do without drinking. Without enough water, blood circulation slows and nutrients are no longer transported through the body sufficiently. Physical tension and a lack of concentration are often the first signs. The performance curve drops.


Important: drink evenly throughout the day in sufficient quantities
The best time to drink the first glass of water of the day is immediately upon getting up to rebalance the overnight loss of fluids. Always drink before you feel thirsty; this will help to avoid reduction in effectiveness, and prevent loss of concentration. Even when out and about, think about drinking. The best idea is to fill a small bottle with filtered water.
Carbon dioxide places an unnecessary burden on the body and has a negative effect on performance. For this reason, it is preferable to drink still water. "Water is an ideal way to replenish the fluid balance. It is low in calories and well tolerated", explains food expert Reinhard-Karl Üblacker. His tip for all those who don't drink enough: "Place a BWT Magnesium Mineralizer filled with water within sight. It will remind you automatically to drink. 

Mineral Deficiency Magnesium

An adult should consume approximately 300 mg of magnesium daily to allow smooth function of the stimulation between nerves and muscles. If a lot of sweat is generated during sport, several milligrams will be lost - this means much more of this vital mineral needs to be consumed. This can be achieved very simply by satisfying your thirst with tap water. You will on receive the extra supply of magnesium if the water runs through the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer first. This is the only filter that enriches tap water with the valuable mineral magnesium and reduces the limescale content during the filter process. The result: an almost neutral pH value that connoisseurs of high-quality mineral waters appreciate for its delicious taste and softness. The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer ensures real drinking pleasure and the most aromatic coffee and tea during the cold season. Trust in Europe's number one in water technology and give your loved ones a special taste experience for Christmas.


Variety for the taste buds

We have compiled a collection of tasty drink recipes for everyone who enjoys variety for the taste buds and who would like to fortify their immune system. A New Year's Resolution for 2016: To remain spiritually fresh - consume more Magnesium ! Whether through drinking it pure, diluted with fruit juices or a delicious drink from the BWT drink booklet, the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer helps us drink sufficiently for our spiritual health.