Recipes from Cologne: The Cologne City Snack powered by BWT - BWT Best Water Technology 

Recipes from Cologne: The Cologne City Snack powered by BWT

21.12.2012 7:00   Mondsee

Food Consultant Reinhard-Karl Üblacker has together with BWT, Europe’s number one in the field of water technology, developed recipes for two Cologne treats. The inhabitants of this cathedral city can now look forward to enjoying a pink drink made with filtered water and a new interpretation of the traditional ‘Halve Hahn’ (bread and cheese). This combination is as much a part of Cologne as the cathedral: a cool glass of Kölsch beer and the snack ‘Halve Hahn’ (bread and cheese).


Food consultant Reinhard-Karl Üblacker has developed two recipes in collaboration with BWT Best Water Technology, inspired by these two classics: a delicious drink and a crunchy snack, both refined yet simple enough that they are easy to prepare at home in an instant, even by non-locals! The pink Cologne city drink offers an all-round refreshing change with its ingredients of filtered water, lime- and cranberry juice and alcohol-free Kölsch beer. With its unique Mg2+ technology, the filter cartridge in the BWT table water filter removes any flavour-inhibiting substances and limescale from the water in the drink and enriches it with magnesium. A difference you can really taste.


Food consultant Üblacker has also jazzed up the classic ‘Halve Hahn’ snack: crunchy ingredients such as apple, zucchini and potatoes etc. are added to this traditional recipe for a cheese-topped roll, creating a more comprehensive dish!