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Quick & Clean limescale protection filter system

Problems with limescale marks in the shower? – BWT has the solution!

19.8.2016 16:00   Mondsee
Water containing limescale leaves traces on shower partitions, taps, in the shower tray or bath tub and on tiles. Until now, those who wanted to successfully fight against annoying limescale marks had only one option: regularly rinsing down after every shower or bath. No longer, thanks to the "Quick & Clean" limescale protection filter system from BWT.

Fight against limescale

The harder the water coming from the tap, the harder the fight is against limescale marks on glass and plastic shower partitions, on taps, in the shower tray and on tiles. Furthermore, there are the edges, and deposits that build up in difficult to reach corners despite regular cleaning. Cleaning agents that can deal with these often contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. BWT, Europe's leading water technology company, now offers an alternative to time-consuming bathroom cleaning and annoying limescale marks: The "Quick & Clean" limescale protection system frees the bath of limescale residues with just a press of a button. Time-consuming rinsing down after every shower or bath is now a thing of the past and a brilliant shine is assured in next to no time.

Brilliant shine in next to no time

This practical appliance consists of a filter enclosure with filter cartridge and is installed simply between the tap and shower hose. A touch of the button activates the limescale protection system. Tiles, shower walls, taps and more will be rinsed down with filtered, soft water. The result: streak-free cleanliness and a shining bathroom without any wiping down and completely free of chemicals. The filter cartridge within the "Quick & Clean" lasts for up to three months, depending on the hardness of the water. The cartridge can be replaced quickly and easily, without the need for tools.

Test without risk

All consumers can now test the innovative limescale protection system at home without risk. Available in Hornbach DIY stores, in retail trade outlets, at Amazon and elsewhere. BWT is offering a 30-day money back guarantee. Those who are not completely happy with the "Quick & Clean" limescale protection filter system will receive the full sales price back from the manufacturer.