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BWT promotes gourmet table water filter at food retailers

22.4.2013 15:00   Mondsee
POS campaign ‘Become a water gourmet!’


Following the substantial success of the BWT promotions offensive in electronic retail stores, Europe’s market leader for water technology will be extending its consumer tests to food retailers from mid-2013:
With its campaign developed especially for the point of sale (POS) area, BWT is offering consumers a chance to confirm for themselves that potable water can be even better with added minerals, thanks to the patented Mg2+ technology. In addition to shelf displays of videos, wobblers and flyers, product demos in particular encourage customers to purchase the gourmet table water filter and gourmet filter cartridges Mg2+. Food retailers are benefiting from the additional turnover and repeat sales of the filter cartridges.

Standard water filters reduce lime-scale and remove heavy metals such as lead and copper and flavour-disturbing substances such as chlorine. The BWT table water filter can do much more: it is the only filter system which enriches potable water with beneficial magnesium during the filter process. This happens within the filter cartridge using the BWT patented Mg2+ technology which forms the core of the BWT gourmet table water filter. The drinking water enriched with magnesium unfolds the flavour of tea and coffee to the optimum and even impresses with its gourmet flavour when drunk in the form of pure water. The addition of magnesium ensures an ideal pH value in the water and makes the water taste particularly natural, balanced and fresh. “The flavour of the water filtered using the patented Mg2+ technology competes with that of the renowned brands of French mineral water,” says Stefan Scheurer, Managing Director of BWT water+more GmbH. “The tasting campaigns enable consumers in store to confirm for themselves that the BWT gourmet table water filter is a good alternative, saving money as well as avoiding the tiresome task of carrying bottled water home,” Scheurer continues.

BWT gourmet table water filter impresses thousands of consumers
By the end of 2012 during 2,000 demo days, endless consumers in electronics retail stores had taken up the invitation to ‘Become a water gourmet!’ and tested the drinking water with added magnesium. In mid-2013, the premium brand BWT will be expanding its commitment to food retailers and using attention-grabbing promotional structures to convince buyers of the excellent flavour of the water.

BWT is focusing its use of marketing tools on collaboration with the retail industry. “The numerous POS promotions are only possible thanks to close and excellent collaboration with our trade partners. We have gained excellent experience in the electronics retail industry with positive developments in market share and are convinced that we can continue this success with promotions in the food retail industry,” Scheurer emphasises. BWT develops individual shelf designs for its trade partners and offers special placements to guarantee optimal presentation of the BWT gourmet table water filter.

Notes for the editor:
The BWT table water filter is available in two sizes at a recommended retail price of 24.99 euros (2.7 litres) and 14.99 euros (2.5 litres). The table water filter with a filling volume of 2.7 litres is available in the colours of aubergine, blue, green, orange and white; the table water filter with a filling volume of 2.5 litres is available in the colour white. BWT gourmet filter cartridges Mg2+ are available at a recommended retail price of 22.99 euros (pack of 3). The cartridges fit all standard table water filter systems.