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New generation of BWT table water filters for simply delicious water

28.6.2011 22:00   Mondsee

Europe's leading water technology company BWT – Best Water Technology will be launching a new generation of table water filters in June 2011. The BWT table water filter is the first and only filter that not only filters tap water, but also mineralises it with flavour-carrying magnesium. The result is particularly soft and good-tasting water – perfect for everyday drinking and developing the full aroma of coffee and tea.


Table water filters have proven their worth since the early 1980s. Around 4.5 million households in Germany alone use table water filters. No wonder, since they deliver a host of benefits. Consumers can drink water that contains no unwanted, flavour-impairing substances without having to haul heavy crates of bottles. Filtered water also protects household appliances from scaling and, last but not least, saves consumers money compared to buying bottled water.


Conventional table water filters don't just remove unwanted, flavour-impairing substances such as chlorine, lead and copper, they also take out important minerals such as the flavour-carrying magnesium. This is why much filtered water tastes bland. BWT has solved this problem. Its new patented Mg2+ technology not only removes lime and unwanted, flavour-impairing substances from tap water, but it also enriches it with physiologically valuable magnesium. The result is naturally fresh-tasting drinking water, as taste tests have confirmed. Subjects tasted the difference and preferred water treated with BWT water filters over tap water or water treated by other manufacturers' filter systems. They also gave top marks to tea and coffee brewed with water from BWT water filters.


Innovative counting mechanism and easy cartridge replacement
Besides improving the taste of the water, the BWT table water filter offers another feature conventional products do not: an innovative "Easy Control" counting mechanism. It measures the filtered quantity and usage time and automatically signals when it is time to replace the filter. It also features a unique pause function, enabling the consumer to suspend the counter when not in use (when on holiday, for example). Benefits for the owner:
The counting mechanism is easy to use, ensures optimum water quality and an efficient use of cartridges, which saves on household spending.


Great selection of designs and colours for every style and taste
BWT will be presenting a broad product range for every style at the time of the launch. The high-quality water filtration systems with their appealing, space-saving design are available in three sizes: 2.7, 3.3 and 3.6 litres. Thanks to the special "Easy Fill" opening, all the products can be filled without removing the lid, and even the largest model fits in standard refrigerator doors.


BWT offers the 2.7 litre table water filter as a Design Colours Edition in four fashionable colours: white, pink, blue and orange.


About BWT
The Best Water Technology Group was formed in 1990 and has grown into Europe’s leading water technology company. Around 2,800 people in 70 subsidiaries and Group companies are working to provide private, industrial, business, hotel and municipal customers with innovative, economical and ecofriendly water treatment technologies that deliver maximum safety, hygiene and health in their daily contact with water. BWT offers modern treatment systems and services for drinking water, pharmaceutical and process water, heating water, boiler water, cooling water, air conditioning water and swimming pool water. BWT employees in research and development apply the latest methods to new processes and materials, aiming to develop products that are both ecofriendly and economical. They particularly focus on reducing the products' energy consumption and thus minimising CO2 emissions.

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