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Low-Calorie, Tasty Refreshment for Hot Summer Days

Magnesium on a Stick

20.5.2015 8:00   Mondsee

On hot summer days, an ice-lolly is the perfect refreshment. For those who like to cool down quickly and easily, there is nothing better than reaching into your own freezer and grabbing a home-made BWT magnesium ice-lolly. With the "Magnesium Mineralizer", BWT - Europe's No. 1 in water technology - has developed a unique water filter which continuously enriches tap water with the valuable mineral magnesium in ionic form. The with magnesium mineralized water guarantees real drinking pleasure and is ideal for making ice-lollies. Together with the leading chefs of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d´Europe, BWT has brought together some tasty magnesium ice-lolly recipes in one brochure.


Here the brochure can be downloaded for free.


High in flavour - low in calories

The BWT magnesium ice-lolly is particularly tasty and just as low in fat. The "secret ingredient", full of taste, in the special ice-lolly is magnesium, because this valuable mineral is a flavour carrier. This addition of magnesium keeps the tap-water's mineral level in balance. The result is an almost neutral pH value that connoisseurs of high-quality mineral waters appreciate for its  delicious taste and softness.


Simple and quick to prepare

For everyone who has a passion for a unique magnesium icelolly as a snack, BWT and the Jeunes Restaurateurs have developed six wonderful ice-lolly recipes, brought together in a high-quality brochure. Whether raspberry-and-sage lollies, rhubarb-strawberry-woodruff ices or the lemon balm - pear lolly:
an ice machine is not necessary for these intriguing ices - they are quick to prepare, taste wonderfully fresh and are low in calories. They are ideal; ice-cold healthy snacks. As an alternative, BWT magnesium water ensures refreshing drinking enjoyment on hot days. 


Fit into summer

To remain effective and fit, the body needs - depending on weight and workload - an average of 2 to 3 litres of water per day. The best time to drink the first glass of water of the day is immediately upon getting up to rebalance the overnight loss of fluids. Always drink before you get thirsty; this will help to avoid a reduction in effectiveness and concentration. Keeping the Magnesium Mineralizer just visible reminds you at all times of drinking and you will drink more regularly - a simple way to prevent fluid loss.


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