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Expensive plastic bottles and heavy shopping loads are a thing of the past.

Magnesium-mineralised drinking water by BWT straight from the tap.

19.8.2014 14:00   Mondsee

Magnesium is the best known of all the minerals, and we need it every day. In order to stay physically and mentally fit, we need to consume around 300 mg a day. The good news: by using a BWT Magnesium Mineraliser with the patented magnesium technology that adds precious magnesium to the water supply, it is possible to cover around 20% of the minimum requirement simply by drinking water - and it makes it easy to drink the 2.5 litres of water experts tell us we need every day.


Building blocks to balance the body
Magnesium performs various functions for the body: the mineral activates a large quantity of different enzymes that we require for our metabolism. It aids bone development, keeps the teeth hard and boosts the cardiovascular and nervous systems. A magnesium deficiency can cause disturbances of nerve and muscle activity; cramps are probably the best known symptom of a possible magnesium deficiency, but it can also cause headaches and disturbed sleep.

Drink better
Drinking the right water can help to provide a good proportion of your daily magnesium requirements. 2.7 litres of magnesium-mineralised water from the BWT Magnesium Mineraliser contain as much magnesium as 7 apples. Unique and only from BWT: the addition of magnesium helps to balance the water's mineral level. The result: an almost neutral pH value that connoisseurs of high-quality mineral waters appreciate for its delicious taste and softness. Those who drink around 2.5 litres of magnesium-mineralised water a day will automatically consume up to 20% of the recommended daily amount. 

Avoid plastic waste and save money
Water is our most important food, and is now purchased mainly in plastic bottles. The consequence: around 800 million PET bottles are in circulation in Germany every year. An almost unimaginable mountain of plastic waste. And yet the solution is so simple and saves money as well. A single BWT filter cartridge replaces up to 120 plastic bottles, and at about 5 cents a bottle, it works out at a fraction of the price of the well-known brands. 

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