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Magnesium aids total concentration in Formula 1

26.7.2017 0:00   Mondsee

Like many top sportspeople, Formula 1 driver Esteban Ocon also takes on board plenty of magnesium-mineralised water from BWT.

No matter whether you are involved in sport for leisure or as an elite performer, on hot summer days, the amount of water you need to drink during any sporting activity increases considerably. An ever-growing number of sportspeople are drinking magnesium-mineralized water, produced by the Austrian water technology company BWT, to help them obtain a sufficient dose of this vital mineral that plays a key role in concentration and endurance. The heart and muscles can produce more energy and distribute it throughout the body. Very recently, since BWT became involved in Formula 1, the need for magnesium has also featured as a topic among the elite in motor racing, in relation to top concentration performance.

Formula 1 driver Esteban Ocon from Team Sahara Force India, who is currently in eighth place in the drivers' standings, has the following to say about consuming the right amount of water: "Top condition, concentration, precision: these are what my performance is based on. It is vital for me to drink water so that my body can perform at its full potential. BWT's magnesium mineralised water is ideal in helping me do this."

Sporting success achieved through sufficient magnesium and water

Particularly in summer, it is easy for the body's magnesium balance to get upset through more profuse perspiration during sporting activity, which quickly becomes noticeable, for instance, through muscle cramps, headaches, loss of performance or slow regeneration. Even at normal temperatures, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends drinking 1.5-2 litres of water a day. In hot temperatures the amount of fluid which is required can double. When doing sport, as much as half a litre an hour may be required.
With its Magnesium Mineralizer, BWT has come up with a stylish, practical solution for making good tap water even better and ensuring magnesium is consumed with every gulp. On the one hand, it reduces limescale content in tap water and removes taste-impairing substances like chlorine and heavy metals. On the other hand, it is enriched with this vital mineral which is involved in around 300 metabolic processes and plays a key role in providing energy. Not to mention that it is vital for bone and cell generation and controls the overload on muscles and nerves. The DGE recommends a daily intake of 350 milligrams of this vital mineral.

Maximum magnesium intake with every gulp

The same volume of tap water as is contained in up to 120 standard 1-litre water bottles can be filtered and enriched with magnesium using just one filter cartridge. By drinking water regularly, this vital mineral will be absorbed in small doses throughout the day, which can be effectively processed by the body.

"Formula 1 is a sport that requires absolute, total concentration. There is barely any experience like it, being fully concentrated for about two hours in a Formula 1 racing car. Thanks to our globally patented Magnesium Mineralizer technology, we can supply valuable magnesium ions without adding any salts. This is a major difference from traditional nutritional supplements," remarks Gerald Steger, Chairman of the BWT Board.

The practical BWT drinking bottle (capacity: 550 ml) provides people doing sport with their almost pH-neutral water, plus an extra shot of magnesium which is always available during their activity. It is a faithful companion whether you are on your bike, out on a hike, on a yoga mat or out running, making sure that you also get a moderate supply of this vital mineral during your sporting activity. This also gives your body the best preparation for the regeneration process which comes after.