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Generous in taste, sparing with resources

Intelligent water enjoyment is good for your body and the environment

29.6.2017 0:00   Mondsee
Up to 13 million tonnes of plastic waste pollute the seas annually. BWT, The Austrian water technology company, provides intelligent solutions for body and environment: Each sip of water is a contribution to waste avoidance and to personal well-being.

Plastic waste – a global issue
At the beginning of the holiday season, memories of plastic waste on sandy beaches and illegal waste dumps resurface. The largest uncontrolled waste dump on earth has been known about since 1997, but very few have seen it for themselves: The huge collection of plastic waste to the north of Hawaii in the Pacific ("The Great Pacific Garbage Patch") has now reached the size of Central Europe, and continues to grow. Eighty percent of this waste comes from the mainland. Up to 13 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the seas each year, including huge numbers of plastic bottles. In Germany alone, 17 billion plastic bottles are used per year - the recycling of which requires six times the amount of water that they themselves can contain. According to estimates, these require 450 years to degrade - and even then, micro-parts remain which in turn enter the food chain. "BWT provides the innovative solution for avoiding plastic waste. With the Magnesium Mineralizer, there is the added benefit of the vital mineral magnesium - in addition to sustainable drinking enjoyment and not having to haul plastic bottles home", says BWT board member Gerald Steger.

The Magnesium Mineralizer - an environmentally sound companion
BWT helps to save on plastic bottles and to spare your back. By using a BWT Magnesium Mineralizer, the logistics chain necessary to produce plastic bottles - an average of 197 kilometres - is eliminated. In its fresh "Design Colors", it is also a reminder to drink sufficiently – an important side benefit, especially in summer.

Good tap water becomes even better
Water is one of the most thoroughly studied foodstuffs. The best way to round off the taste of tap water is to use a BWT Magnesium Mineralizer. This is the only filter that enriches tap water with the valuable mineral magnesium, reduces the content of limescale and filters out chlorine, heavy metals and taste- and smell impairing substances during the filter process. As a result, the water has an almost neutral pH value - the secret behind its particularly soft taste. This is not just a treat for those who enjoy water, but also for the environment in several ways: The service life of kettles and coffee machines is increased significantly thanks to the reduced limescale content. With just one filter, the contents of approximately 120 water bottles can be ideally prepared and enriched with the important mineral. The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer is not just uncompromisingly simple to use, but is also considerably less expensive than bottled water.

BWT thinks through environmental protection consistently to the end
With the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer, the technology leader is declaring war on littering and the continued growth of the "Plastic Planet". The innovative product, which is suitable for every household and every office, helps to contribute to protecting the environment through daily water consumption. "As an expanding water technology company, the preservation of resources is a priority concern of ours when designing products. Furthermore, we would like to embolden consumers to make a commitment to environmental protection. After all, we all need water to survive", says Steger in conclusion.

The practical BWT Magnesium Mineralizer - such as the BWT Penguin 2.7 litres including one filter cartridge at just € 24.99 - can be ordered from well-stocked retailers or online at