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Gourmet flavour in an instant

4.9.2013 14:00   Mondsee

BWT presents new solutions for water treatment


Heavy lifting, ugly drinks crates, high prices and poor flavour are now a thing of the past. More and more consumers are already benefitting from the BWT gourmet table water filter with its patented Mg2+ technology: tap water is transformed into natural and fresh gourmet water in an instant. During the filtration process, the flavour carrier magnesium is added to the water and limescale and undesirable substances such as chlorine are removed. The result: water with an authentic gourmet flavour. BWT will be presenting its latest trends and techniques for healthy everyday water treatment at the IFA from 6 to 11 September.


More performance, flavour and well-being
Health experts all agree: a sufficient quantity of magnesium is beneficial to our physical performance. The BWT gourmet table water filter is the first filter which enriches tap water with the valuable mineral magnesium thanks to its patented Mg2+ technology. Magnesium is an important mineral for the body and the recommended daily dose is a considerable 300 milligrams. Consumers who meet their recommended daily water allowance of 2 litres by drinking BWT-filtered water will already have met 20% of their magnesium requirements.

Revolutionary technology in a new design
The filter cartridge forms the core of the BWT gourmet table water filter. This works in 2 stages: during the first stage, flavour and taste-disturbing substances such as chlorine are removed. And during the second stage, heavy metals such as copper and lead are removed and the water-hardener calcium is replaced with the beneficial mineral magnesium. BWT has introduced a new visual highlight in the form of its ‘Black Edition’, offering another lifestyle product for households.

Household highlights at the IFA
In addition to the table water filter, Europe’s leading company in the field of water technology will also be exhibiting various new products and solutions for households. These include the BWT Protect Edition Gourmet for the water tank of the JURA* fully automatic coffee ma-chines: with its patented Mg2+ technology, this is a world first because the BWT Protect Edition Gourmet adds the flavour carrier magnesium to the filtered water. This allows the aroma and crema of the speciality coffees to unfold to the full for a genuine gourmet flavour. The BWT Protect Edition Gourmet also offers effective protection against limescale build-ups and extends the lifespan of the JURA* fully automatic coffee machines.

*JURA is a registered trademark of Jura Elektroapparate AG.

Also worth noting: the BWT Cleaning Edition makes cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents superfluous. The Anti-Calc filter system rids showers and baths of limescale residue at the touch of a button and eliminates the time-consuming process of wiping down shower walls and fixtures every day.

New water recipes
At the IFA trade fair stand 212 hall 4.1 BWT shows BWT the gourmet table water filter in action: Quick, unusual and tasteful water drinks with completely natural ingredients are simply made with gourmet water: Intense, aromatic, fruity such as the strawberry mint water.

Ingredients for 1.5 litres
6 strawberries
5 slices of ginger
3 stems of mint with leaves

Prepartion: 1.5 Litres of water, prepared with Magnesium mineralized drinking water from the BWT Gourmet table water filter. Wash the strawberries, clean them and cut them in very thin slices. Peel the ginger and also cut it very thinly. Wash the mint and put it into a carafe together with the other ingredients. Fill up with filtered water and leave for 10 –15 minutes to steep.

Your contact partner at the IFA
Michael Radecker, BWT, Head of Marketing Point of Use,
mobile: +49-172-61 5765 8

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Tilman Strauss, PR Manager, mobile: +49-170-22 1414 6









The BWT ‘Black Edition’ gourmet table water filter with patented Mg2+ technology.






Available in numerous bright colours: the gourmet table water filter from BWT.







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