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Gift ideas for health-conscious connoisseurs

The Set: Magnesium Mineralizer including glasbottle

6.12.2016 12:00   Mondsee
Christmas is just around the corner, and the last few gifts still need to be bought. Most of the stores and boutiques are overcrowded and to top it all, ideas for suitable gifts are not very forthcoming. Those who give a Magnesium Mineralizer to a loved one at Christmas can be assured that they are doing something good for their well-being.

The Magnesium Mineralizer is the only filter that enriches tap water with the valuable mineral magnesium and reduces the limescale content during the filter process. The result: an almost neutral pH value that connoisseurs of high-quality mineral waters appreciate for its delicious taste and softness. In next to no time, the Magnesium Mineralizer filters 2.7 litres of tap water and enriches it with approximately 65 mg of magnesium. Up to 20% of the daily requirement for magnesium can thus be covered simply by drinking. This in turn increases performance levels and well-being and makes the hearts of connoisseurs beat faster.

Suitable and clever: Magnesium Mineralizer including glassbottle
The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer ensures real drinking pleasure and is perfectly suited to the preparation of coffee, tea, iced lollies and smoothies. Coffee lovers swear by a perfect crema on their espresso. The magnesium filtered water is particularly good for creating the perfect crema and will also be very popular as the conclusion to a successful Christmas dinner. Tea drinkers know: Those who would like to enjoy a good cup of tea should pay particular attention to the choice of water. With BWT filtered water, you brew a delicious cup of tea which is particularly impressive thanks to its pleasant aroma and light colour. Especially in the run up to Christmas, strengthening the immune system is important to ensure that we remain fit and healthy over the Christmas period.

Perfect crema and optimum tea enjoyment thanks to Magnesium

Water is our most important foodstuff, and is now purchased mainly in plastic bottles. The consequence: around 800 million PET bottles are in circulation every year in Germany alone. An almost unimaginable mountain of plastic waste. And yet the solution is so simple and saves money as well: the patented magnesium technology offers an alternative to still bottled water and provides more power and taste in the tap water. A single BWT filter cartridge replaces up to 120 plastic bottles – at approximately 5 cents per litre, that is a fraction of the price of the well-known branded waters. Why not give a beautiful Magnesium Mineralizer and matching glass drinking bottle set as a present - you will be contributing to environmental protection and ensuring that your loved ones have a sufficient magnesium intake.

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