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Summer is here with refreshing colours for the table

Even water is colourful with BWT

16.6.2016 16:00   Mondsee

It is finally here, and it is now time for us to bring to the table: The summer! The BWT Magnesium Mineralizers in new Fresh Lemon, Pink Kiss and Cool Petrol colours are wonderfully suited to the summer. The must-have for all seasons: classic in white, a complement to all styles. The inner value of the Magnesium Mineralizer are refreshingly satisfying in the warm summer months: when we perspire, we lose a good deal of magnesium. We should consume 300 mg of healthy magnesium daily – preferably more in the summer. The Magnesium Mineralizer is therefore not just a stylish accompaniment, but helps you enjoy the best part of the year full charged.


Magnesium water brings colour to life - refreshingly
When indoor and outdoor life becomes seamless because doors and windows are thrown wide open, when we crave for colour, because all around us nature is green and blooming, we celebrate life's "summer party". This lightness of being is also reflected in our drinking habits: we need more fluids – with a low burden to the body. Water is therefore our favourite – it satisfies thirst, provides the body with almost everything it needs, and can be enjoyed even in large quantities without weighing us down. Water that has been enhanced by the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer is more than just water: simply hold a Magnesium Mineralizer in the latest summer colours under the water tap, turn the tap on, let the water filter through - and you can enjoy magnesium enriched water, automatically satisfying up to 20 percent of your daily requirement of this vital mineral. Which colour you choose for the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer as a healthy companion through a refreshing summer - that is purely a question of taste. This, incidentally, also applies to the result: not only connoisseurs appreciate the particularly soft, flavourful taste of the filtered water enriched with magnesium.

One of each colour - for every occasion!
It is best to start the summer with several BWT Magnesium Mineralizers! One for at home, one for the office and maybe even a third - simply because choosing between Fresh Lemon, Pink Kiss and Cool Petrol is so difficult. This would ensure that there is always plenty of filtered water to hand for a wonderful, refreshing BWT water ice: melon-peppermint ice, for example, or a wonderfully cool lemon balm and pear iced lolly. These don't just match in colour with the fashionable, cool summer shades of the Magnesium Mineralizers - they are also tasty, healthy and wonderfully refreshing. You can download the recipes for these easily at http://goo.gl/ICA3fo herunterladen.


You will find further information at www.bwt-tischwasserfilter.de or at Instagram #besserwasser