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The comeback of the classic filter coffee

4.7.2013 10:00   Mondsee
Master barista Nana Holthaus-Vehse provides some professional tips for preparing coffee.


“The classic filter coffee is trendy again” says master barista Nana Holthaus-Vehse, referring to hand-brewed coffee like that made by our grandparents using a filter bag and coffee pot or porcelain filter. Numerous factors should be taken into account with hand-filtering to release the optimal flavour from the coffee powder and ensure that the stimulating drink is easily digested.


Since coffee comprises up to 98% water, this should ideally always be fresh and filtered. Water with a medium degree of hardness forms the best basis for a good coffee. This is best produced using a table water filter. Holthaus-Vehse recommends using the BWT gourmet table water filter. This and other professional tips from the renowned coffee expert guarantee perfect filtered coffee, made by hand:


1.  The water – ideally filtered and at the right temperature
The quality of the water, the main ingredient when brewing coffee, plays a key role in determining the flavour. The gourmet table water filter from BWT is the only filter which adds magnesium to the water and removes any smell and flavour-inhibiting substances such as chlorine. However the optimal temperature should also be noted: when infusing coffee by hand, the temperature should be between 88 and 96 degrees Celsius. Since the water cools down slowly during the infusing process, the filter and pot should be pre-heated using hot water. 
2. The coffee – quality and freshness are the key
Pure coffees are particularly suited to making so-called ‘brewed coffee’. The fresher the roasted beans, the more aromatic the flavour of the brewed coffee. The coffee beans should be ground shortly before brewing for the optimal aroma.
3. The level of grinding – best to test
The general rule of thumb: a medium-coarse level of grinding is ideal for filtering by hand. Anyone in search of the perfect coffee should identify the level of grinding required using a test infusion. If the coffee is too thin and runs too quickly through the filter, the coffee powder is ground too coarsely. If the coffee tastes too strong and bitter, the degree of grinding is too fine. The coffee is ground to perfection when the coffee runs through the filter in a thin stream and tastes aromatic.
4. The ratio between coffee powder and water – purely a matter of taste
There is no such thing as a unique and perfect coffee flavour. It is important to experiment in the search for your own favourite coffee.
The following information is for guidance purposes only:


 Cups  Coffee-powder (in g)  Water (in ml)
















The filter – ideally pre-warmed
Filter paper treated with oxygen does not have its own flavour and is therefore ideal. To be absolutely sure, pour hot water into the paper filter before filling. When adding the coffee powder, ensure that the surface is even. This will enable the water to flow through well and the ingredients will be evenly extracted.


6. The preparation technique – the discovery of slowness
The coffee powder is evenly moistened from the inside out – experts call
this ‘blooming’. Wait a short while until the powder absorbs the moisture, then slowly pour on water in a circular motion until a centimetre of water is standing on top of the coffee powder. The ingredients are evenly released from the coffee powder. The remaining water is then slowly and constantly added until it is fully dripped through the filter. Then remove the filter container from the pot, pour out the coffee and enjoy.
7. Brewing time – 4 minutes for optimal enjoyment
The ideal preparation time including brewing time is approx. 4 minutes. This is sufficient time to release the ingredients and create an aromatic and easily digestible coffee.

Notes for the editor: The BWT gourmet table water filter is available in 2 sizes at a recommended retail price of 24.99 euros (2.7 litres) and 14.99 euros (2.5 litres). The table water filter with a filling volume of 2.7 litres is available in the colours of aubergine, blue, green, orange and white; the table water filter with a filling volume of 2.5 litres is available in the colour white. BWT gourmet filter cartridges Mg2+ are available at a recommended retail price of 22.99 euros (pack of 3). The cartridges fit all standard table water filter systems.