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The water completes the coffee bean

Best coffee enjoyment thanks to magnesium mineralized water from BWT

21.11.2017 0:00   Mondsee

Whether classic black, cappuccino or latte macchiato – coffee is a real pleasure, and passionate coffee drinkers enjoy it daily. The quality of the coffee depends on more than just the coffee bean, the coffee type and the coffee machine. At 98 percent, water is the main component of the hot drink and therefore plays a decisive role in the preparation of perfect coffee. The new "Coffee and Magnesium Mineralized Water" booklet from BWT presents fashionable speciality coffees that taste even better with magnesium mineralized water.

"For a long time, we have only been focusing our attention on the coffee beans, coffee types and coffee machines for the best coffee. Our latest study demonstrates that the quality of the water is more decisive than we previously assumed. In particular, the magnesium content of the water has significant importance as a coffee flavour enhancer", explains David Veal, Executive Ambassador, SCA – Speciality Coffee Association.

The water makes the coffee

The importance of the role that the magnesium content plays is also demonstrated in a study initiated by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA): the higher the magnesium content, the greater the effect of the sensory attributes of a coffee. In principle, water with a well-balanced mineral content and a neutral pH value is ideal for the preparation of coffee. A higher pH value would neutralise the natural acids – the coffee would taste unnaturally flat. Acid-intensive raw coffee types, light roasts and fast-roasted coffees would suffer in particular as a result. Too low a pH value has the opposite effect: it would magnify the acidity and, accordingly, the coffee would also taste acidic. The fine fruit acids present in Arabica coffees in particular would lose out on taste, due to the excessively alkaline character of such water. Water that has been enriched with the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer features the well-balanced mineralisation and optimised pH value necessary for the preparation of speciality coffees.

The best coffee quality with the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter

Whether filter coffee or espresso, the aromas, the caffeine and the wonderful taste of the coffee beans must be dissolved in water before they can be enjoyed. This is best done with the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer, which first filters the water. For this purpose, the water that you would like to use for coffee preparation should always run fresh and cool from the tap through the BWT filter.

"With our clever BWT Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter, good tap water can be improved even further at a turn of the tap. It reduces substances impairing taste and smell, such as chlorine, and reduces the limescale content of the water. Heavy metals such as copper and lead are also removed. At the same time, the tap water is enriched with the valuable mineral magnesium and is thus perfectly suited to pure enjoyment or for the preparation of tea and coffee", explains BWT board member Gerald Steger.

Coffee on the Rocks und Co

The newly published booklet "Coffee and Magnesium Mineralized Water" by BWT, which boasts a large number of recipes, demonstrates that the classic stimulant, coffee, is capable of much more than simply us keeping awake. Along with "Coffee on the Rocks", the booklet also includes recipes such as "Gin and Tonic Cold Brew", "Mocha Shock", "Cascara Raspberry Coffee" and "Lemongrass-Spicy Chemex".
Mocha Shock is a special and yet very simple recipe which is enough to make your heart melt. First of all, prepare an espresso (25 ml) or, even better, a dopio (50 ml) using an espresso machine. In most cases, 88 - 92°C with a through-flow time of 25 - 30 seconds is perfect. Then melt approximately 100 grams of cooking chocolate and pour the melted chocolate into an espresso cup or glass. Rotate the cup to spread the chocolate around. Leave it to set. Then pour in the espresso shot and decorate with chocolate shavings.