BWT wins innovation prize - BWT Best Water Technology 

BWT wins innovation prize for table water filter technology

27.9.2011 16:00   Mondsee

BWT – Best Water Technology, Europe’s Number 1 in the field of water technology – has won the 2011 innovation prize, taking first place among major corporations in the federal state of Upper Austria for its revolutionary Mg2+ filter technology. The filter cartridge with Mg2+ technology, the core of the new BWT table water filter, not only filters tap water and removes limescale and heavy metals, along with unwanted und unpalatable substances, but simultaneously enriches drinking water with precious magnesium. The awards were conferred during a ceremony involving the Federal State Minister of Economic Affairs, Kommerzialrat Viktor Sigl, on 26 September 2011 in Linz. Additionally BWT was also nominated for the Austrian State Prize for Innovation.


Mg2+ technology, patented by BWT, represents a milestone in water technology. The cartridge in the BWT table water filter is the first and only one to not only filter tap water but also to mineralise it with the magnesium flavour carrier. The outcome: Particularly palatable and healthy water – perfect for pleasant everyday drinking. The drinking water, filtered and enriched with magnesium, preserves the aroma of coffee and tea. “Thanks to BWT Mg2+ technology, the filtered drinking water containing magnesium is particularly beneficial to health, while also significantly enhancing its flavour, thus making it healthy and tasty drinking water”, Andreas Weißenbacher, Chairman of BWT’s Executive Board, emphasised following the awards ceremony. The jury of the Federal State Prize for Innovation, which comprises leading figures from academia, business, politics and the media, considered BWT’s Mg2+ technology worthy of the prize on the basis of its excellent properties in respect of innovation, utility, the environment and economic effect.


Simple principle, great effect
The BWT table water filter is based on a simple principle. Tap water is poured into the pitcher and then flows through the replaceable filter cartridge and into the reservoir. The filtration process and enrichment of the water with magnesium take place in the cartridge, which is filled with a filter granulate. The BWT filter granulate consists of a mixture of activated charcoal and an Mg2+ ion exchanger. The activated charcoal binds the substances that impair flavour, such as chlorine and its compounds, as well as pesticides, while the ion exchanger absorbs substances that build limescale and heavy metals like lead and copper, releasing magnesium ions into the water.


Magnesium makes the difference

Dissolved in water, magnesium is an important source of flavour. It is responsible for the filtered water tasting natural and fresh. Coffee and tea drinkers will also appreciate the water from the BWT table water filter when preparing their beverage of choice, bringing out the flavour and aroma of hot drinks particularly well. And the filtered water ensures perfect “coffee cream” that sits on top of the coffee. The positive effect on hot and cold drinks is also achieved with food. Thus the use of water enriched with magnesium enhances the flavour of dishes when cooking.
In addition to this unique technology, BWT filter cartridges are also characterised by their long life and can be used with all currently available filter jugs from established manufacturers. For environmentally aware consumers, BWT also offers a refillable cartridge.


With its innovative magnesium Mg2+ technology in the BWT filter cartridges, the company is directly addressing consumers for the first time with a major communication campaign. At the heart of the campaign, which can be seen this year in Austria and Germany, is the table water filter, the only one to enrich tap water with magnesium, creating the best healthy drinking water. The company is also about to enter the Italian market.



The BWT Mg2+ Table Water Filter






At the award ceremony: Mr. Viktor Sigl (State of Upper Austria, right), Mr. Andreas Weissenbacher (CEO BWT, centre), Mr. Stephan Kubinger (WKO, left)