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BWT table water filter with Mg2+ technology

1.7.2011 6:00   Mondsee

Product description



BWT, Europe's leading water technology company, is launching a new generation of table water filters. With their innovative, patented Mg2+ technology, the filters not only filter out lime from tap water and remove unwanted, flavour-impairing substances (e. g. chlorine, lead and copper), but simultaneously enrich it with magnesium. This sets BWT table water filters apart from conventional water filters.

Magnesium-enriched water brings out the full aroma of tea and coffee, and its naturally fresh taste is a winner on its own, too. BWT-filtered water was given top marks in taste tests.


Product offering


Three sizes – 2.7, 3.3. and 3.6 litres:


  • Modern, space-saving design and easy handling
  • The electronic "Easy Control" replacement indicator measures the filtered quantity and usage time and automatically signals when it is time to replace the filter; suspends counting when not in use
  • Slim design – will fit in any refrigerator door
  • Dishwasher safe (except for the lid)
  • Filter cartridges with a filter capacity of 100 and 120 litres and a filter life of 4 weeks, also available as refill cartridges


MSRP water filters: EUR 19.95 (2.7 litres), EUR 14.95 (3.3 litres), EUR 24.95 (3.6 litres)
MSRP filter cartridges: EUR 17.95 (pack of 3)
MSRP refill cartridges: EUR 17.95 (pack with 1 cartridge and 3 refills)




In cooperation with Severin in electronics stores, grocery stores and through Amazon




  • High-penetration communication campaign with TV commercials, print ads, PR and internet activities
  • Comprehensive POS material including secondary and video displays


Launch date: June 2011

Manufacturer: BWT Austria GmbH, Mondsee