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New BWT table water filter cartridge ‘Gourmet Edition Mg2+/silver-free’ to add the mineral magnesium and remove silver from drinking water

25.4.2013 15:00   Mondsee
A global first: BWT presents new generation of table water filters


The new filter cartridge BWT Gourmet Edition Mg2+/ silver-free forms the core of the BWT table water filter and is setting new technological standards for table water filters on the market. BWT is the only manufacturer in the world to produce a filter cartridge for table water filters which transforms tap water into pure, with magnesium mineralized drinking water.

The new filter cartridge BWT Gourmet Mg2+ technology/silver-free protects household appliances from limescale, removes any flavour and taste-disturbing substances from the water and at the same time mineralises the water with magnesium thanks to the patented Mg2+ technology. In addition the innovative cartridge removes silver from the water.

Silver has antibacterial properties. As a result, all filter cartridges contain silver for hygiene reasons which is then released into the drinking water in small quantities during the filtration process. The new patented BWT Mg2+/ silver-free technology considerably improves the physiological properties of the water: unlike other standard filtering systems on the market, any silver ions released into the water during the filtration process are completely removed. The silver is removed using a newly developed filter material, the so-called silver sorbent.

Daily drinking pleasure and an impressive flavour
Thanks to the BWT Gourmet Edition Mg2+/ silver-free, health-conscious consumers who appreciate drinking water from the tap will now enjoy with magnesium mineralized and delicious water for the highest quality enjoyment. The patented and already tried-and-trusted Mg2+ technology forms the core of the new cartridge generation. The with magnesium mineralised water is a real pleasure when drunk pure; coffee and tea prepared with the Mg2+ mineralised water from the BWT Gourmet Edition table water filter impresses with its unique flavour experience. The water is also perfect for cooking.

The ‘BWT Gourmet-Edition Mg2+/ silver-free’ is available right now in Austria, exclusively from pharmacies.

Notes for the editor:
The table water filter ‘BWT Gourmet-Edition Mg2+/ silver-free’ including one cartridge is available for a recommended retail price of 32.99 euros, exclusively from pharmacies in Austria. The filter cartridges come in a pack of 3 at a price of 29.99 euros.