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New TV commercial "BWT does it - for me" with accompanying campaign for retailers

BWT launches major water campaign

27.2.2014 10:00   Mondsee

BWT, Europe's No. 1 in water technology, is launching its biggest advertising and sales campaign in Germany to date with a new TV commercial. The action focuses on the BWT Gourmet table water filter which last year was selected as the kitchen innovation of the year for its innovative Mg2+ technology. Retailers will benefit from the attractive campaign offers.


The commercial will be broadcast in Germany starting at the end of March on the TV channels ARD, RTL, Sat 1, VOX and ZDF, as well as others and will address a wide audience. Impressively, it shows how the quality of water can be optimized in private households, by using innovative treatment systems. In addition to the new E1 single lever filter and AQA perla water softening system, the ad also features the innovative BWT Gourmet table water filter. The Gourmet filter cartridge is the heart of the BWT table water filter. Its patented Mg2+ technology filters the water and enriches it with essential magnesium. This world first won the consumer award "Kitchen Innovation of the Year" in 2013 for its outstanding quality in terms of functionality, innovation, design and ecology.


Marketing in the customary BWT style

The TV campaign is being supported by a communications package addressed to a large audience. In addition to direct marketing, print advertising, PR and online activity, plus communication in the social media, an attractive on-pack prize competition is also being launched for the consumer. Among other things, they can win 22 Gourmet trips as well as valuable magazine subscriptions. The promotion includes a prize competition sticker on the packaging, displays at the POS, a landing page and a competition flyer.


Catching the eye at the point of sale

"The new campaign is another important element in BWT's consumer campaign "Become a Water Gourmet", which we successfully launched in Germany last year with a broad range of communications," says Michael Radecker, Head of Marketing at BWT water+more. "Our aim now is to step up our support for retailers and convince consumers at the point of sale of the outstanding taste awaiting them.


" BWT has prepared attractive campaign packages for specialist retailers as well as food retailers. "Product demonstrations and water tasting at the POS will ensure fast sales to consumers" says Michael Radecker. The message "Become a Water Gourmet" is reflected in all the promotional materials and activities. Filtered drinking water enriched with magnesium - is BWT's clear sales argument.


Participate in the campaign is possible from now onwards!


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