BWT impresses visitors at eat&STYLE with its ‘Cologne-style’ pleasures - BWT Best Water Technology 

BWT impresses visitors at eat&STYLE with its ‘Cologne-style’ pleasures

10.12.2012 7:00   Mondsee

BWT, Europe’s number one in the water technology field, surprised visitors to the eat&STYLE pleasure fair in Cologne with a special treat in mid-November: the company teamed up with food consultant Reinhard-Karl Üblacker to offer this year’s Cologne city snack. This could be enjoyed by guests at the sophisticated and eye-catching BWT trade fair stand with its striking lighting concept as well as at the show stage. The most important ingredient in the newly interpreted, regional speciality: magnesium water from the BWT table water filter.


“Drink one with us” was the motto for the Cologne drink developed by Reinhard-Karl Üblacker. Filtered water, lime and cranberry juice, apple purée, rosewater, crushed ice and alcohol-free Kölsch beer transformed the drink into a refreshing pleasure. The filter cartridge of the BWT table water filter with its unique Mg2+ technology ensured the removal of limescale and flavour-inhibiting substances from the water and enriched it instead with magnesium. And you could really taste the difference. There was also plenty of opportunity to enjoy this mineralised gourmet water in its pure form. The BWT promotions team offered the filtered water throughout the trade fair hall – and with great success. Numerous visitors took advantage of the opportunity to purchase a gourmet edition BWT table water filter on-site.


The hungry trade fair guests enjoyed a sandwich developed by Reinhard-Karl Üblacker for the eat&STYLE. The traditional ‘Halve Hahn’ snack became a ‘Ganze Hahn’, rye bread with the typical ingredients of this traditional dish as well as apple, zucchini, potatoes etc. Recipe cards were available so that the visitors could enjoy the city snack when they returned home.