BWT substantially expands its end customer business - BWT Best Water Technology 

BWT gains market share on the German market for table water filters

18.4.2013 15:00   Mondsee
BWT substantially expands its end customer business


BWT – Best Water Technology, Europe’s number 1 in water technology, successfully introduced its gourmet table water filter with the patented BWT Mg2+ technology in Germany at the end of 2011 and since then has been consistently expanding its customer products field within the point-of-use division. BWT recently secured a market share of more than 40% in the German electronics retail industry as well as gaining an increase in online sales with a market share of approx. 25%.

‘Become a water gourmet!’ as the motto of the current campaign for the BWT gourmet water filter says. This motto was developed especially for use at point of sale (POS). Since the end of 2012, consumers in store have been able to confirm for themselves that good quality potable water can be even better mineralized with the patented Mg2+ technology. Last year, over 100,000 consumers took up the invite of a taste test during the 2,000 demo days.

Investment in promotions has paid off. This is proven by a significantly higher market demand and a substantial increase in sales figures, as reflected in the GfK evaluations. BWT has therefore succeeded in ensuring a sustainable increase across the entire category and establishing itself as a genuine consumer brand.

Stefan Scheurer, Managing Director of BWT water+more GmbH since mid-2012 and responsible for global sales activities in the consumer and professional division, is pleased about this success: “The results achieved on the German market in 2012 through our end consumer offensive are clearly evident. In addition to the tasting sessions, which will continue, we have also planned further activities to strengthen the BWT brand across all areas and build on our successes”.

The BWT gourmet table water filter works in two stages: During the first stage, it removes any flavour and taste-disturbing substances from the water such as chlorine. In the second stage, it removes heavy metals such as lead and copper and replaces the hardening mineral calcium with beneficial magnesium, thereby protecting household appliances from limescale. This takes place in the filter cartridge with the patented Mg2+ technology, the core of the BWT table water filter. The with magnesium mineralized drinking water unfolds the flavour of tea and coffee to the optimum as well as impressing with its gourmet flavour when drunk alone. Magnesium makes the water taste natural, balanced and fresh. As a result of this process, the filtered water has greater physiological value compared to other filtering techniques, creating a unique flavour experience.