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25th World Water Day: BWT is revolutionising the table water filter market with globally patented technology

21.3.2018 0:00   Mondsee
Protection against limescale with magnesium – water hardness that is important physiologically and for taste remains in the water. Europe’s leading water technology company is revolutionising the quality of tap water in households using high tech. Patented magnesium technology makes tap water even more beneficial and increases safety of water for consumption. 

BWT, Europe’s leading water technology company is making household tap water even more beneficial with their Magnesium Mineralizer for everyday enjoyment and is offering top safety standards of water for consumption. The Austrian company is building on its know how gained partly from water treatment in the pharmaceutical industry in the process. The innovative technology is a combination of filters and mineralizers. They enrich the water with the vital mineral magnesium and reduce heavy metals and chlorine, resulting in the good quality of tap water, which is sometimes affected by old pipes, being improved still further. Water from the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer offers optimum protection from limescale. In contrast to conventional filters, however, the hardness of the water, which is valuable for the taste sensation, remains. As a result of the patented magnesium technology, the magnesium enrichment is achieved without the addition of salt, unlike many nutritional supplements. Magnesium is not just one of the most relevant minerals, but it also works as a flavour enhancer in food and drink. Numerous famous chefs and barista stars are already making use of this benefit.

World Water Day raises awareness: BWT supplies the solution for conserving resources

It is already the 25th anniversary of the World Water Day on 22 March 2018. The United Nations initiative uses the international action day to draw attention to the vital importance of water for life. Around a billion people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water, which was firmly established in the Human Rights Charter. Only 0.3 percent of global water resources is clean drinking water and the danger from environmental pollution is increasing: about 13 million tonnes of plastic rubbish is ending up in our oceans every year and among other things, this is making the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, the biggest uncontrolled rubbish dump in the world, grow even more. It has almost reached the size of Central Europe in the Pacific. 

“Awareness of prime water and its valuable contents along with lower environmental impact is rising sharply. The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer makes the combination of environmental protection, taste, consumption of vital minerals, protection from heavy metals and chlorine and protection from limescale possible for every household in a unique way,” comments Gerald Steger from the BWT board.

The Austrian water technology company has dedicated itself to the improvement of water quality. Among other things, BWT is a global leader in water treatment in the pharmaceutical industry which demands the highest safety standards. Their objective is now to make high tech accessible to private households. On average, about two litres of water is drunk per person per day in Austria which is extracted from about 12,000 wells and springs and distributed to households via a network of pipes that is approximately 76,000 kilometres long.

BWT Magnesium Mineralizer makes environmental protection easy and helps you save

The simplest way to environmental protection begins with waste prevention. The patented BWT Magnesium Mineralizer filters the volume of 120 conventional plastic bottles and converts calcium hardness into valuable magnesium hardness. This not only eliminates the costly transportation of water bottles but also significantly reduces household waste. At the same time, money can be saved: while one litre of water from a plastic bottle costs 70 cents on average, the costs of one litre of water from the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer only come to about five cents.

Magnesium supports the body and soul

In addition to improving household tap water quality, the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer also enriches the filtered water with the vital mineral magnesium. It is involved in about 300 metabolic processes and also optimises the transportation of the feel-good hormone, serotonin. A balanced serotonin level reduces vulnerability to depression and allows people to grow old happier and with fewer complaints. Moreover, magnesium enhances concentration and, coupled with sufficient water consumption, is the ideal companion for everyday challenges at work, during sport and leisure.

Facts about water

  • Although 72 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water, only 0.3 percent of water resources is suitable for drinking water.
  • Almost every industrial manufacturing process uses water. Six litres of water are used to recycle one plastic bottle, for a microchip it is 32 litres
  • 3.5 million people die every year from a poor water supply 
  • Despite good water quality, old pipes can cause concentrations of chlorine, heavy metals or iodine, which are filtered by the patented BWT technology in the Magnesium Mineralizer.
  • The human body consists of about 70 percent water and blood consists of 92 percent water. The brain uses about a quarter of a litre an hour to perform at its best. The average adult body contains about 43 litres of water.