Basic information - BWT Best Water Technology 

Basic information

The Best Water Technology Group is Europe's leading water technology enterprise. More than 3,800 employees have been working with the objective, to give customers from private households, industry, trade, hotels and communities with innovative, economic and ecological water treatment technologies maximum possible safety, hygiene and health in their daily contact with water.


  • Five production locations

  • Research and development centres in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and Switzerland

  • Worldwide leading know-how in all areas of water treatment 




BWT offers products, water treatment systems and services for  


  • drinking water

  • water for the pharmaceutical industry and process water

  • heating water

  • boiler and cooling water

  • water in air-conditioning systems

  • swimming pool water


BWT offers a broad product portfolio, for example for filtration, softening, disinfection (UV, ozone, chlorine dioxide etc.), for limescale protection, seawater desalination and for hygiene management, reverse osmosis systems, ultra-filtration processes for the pharmaceutical industry as well as high efficiency membranes for fuel cells and batteries.


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