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Europe's No. 1 in water technology

In the same way as you need to understand people to identify their needs, you must understand water to be able to ‘design’ water. Since being established in 1990, we have considered it our task to develop, market and service economic and ecological water treatment products.


Over the last two decades, a wealth of innovations has made us a technology and market leader in Europe. With our trendsetting product, we guarantee a maximum level of security, hygiene and health in the daily handling of the precious elixir of life, water, the blue gold of the 21st century.


BWT products are encountered almost
everywhere that water occurs:


  • drinking water
  • mineral water
  • swimming pool water
  • heating water
  • process water
  • boiler and cooling water 
  • water in air-conditioning systems 
  • ultrapure water for the pharmaceuticals industry 


Our product portfolio includes products for filtration, filter media, bipolar technology, ion exchange, softening, decarbonisation, membrane technology, reverse osmosis, nano-filtration, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, ultrapure steam generators, pure water distillation systems, UV-systems, ozone technology, ion exchange membranes, electrolysis systems, electrodialysis, electrodeionisation, chlorine dioxide generation, dosing pumps as well as new membranes for fuel cells and new battery systems.


In our research centres, we develop new and revolutionary methods for which we have already been granted numerous patents – as for the Mg²+ filter technology. This is reflected in our table water filters and sets new standards on the market.


We are working constantly on attaining the best water quality. An important aspect in the further and new development is the reduction of the resource and energy consumption of the products, and thus the minimisation of CO2 emissions. As a result of our ecological, economic and social responsiblility and the use of cutting-edge technologies and our ongoing further product development, in many branches we have been known for responsible water processing for decades already.


Further information concerning the BWT Group:

Europa´s Nr. 1 in der Wassertechnologie