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BWT in the pharma & biotech industry

Water in its purest form


Water is the most frequently used raw material in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industry. Most processes require water and other ultra pure media which fulfil the legal provisions defined in pharmacopoeia. BWT-systems process the required ultra-pure water in the right quality and quantity. This water in its purest form, in contrary to drinking water, is totally free from additives e.g. salts, lime, contaminants or ions and therefore undrinkable for human beings. It would dissolve vital salts and minerals from the human body.


The application of ultra-pure water


Ultra-pure water is, however, indispensable for the manufacturing of medicine, microelectronics, glass or drinks, without any further ingredients. In laboratories, it is needed in a constantly high quality for critical analytical applications. These include cleaning and rinsing as well as for use as a solvent and carrier medium. As a leading supplier in this market, we have many years of experience and have command of all technologies required for the production of the water qualities as they are needed in research & development, production and waste disposal.


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Wasser in der Pharmaindustrie