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BWT in the hotel business and municipalities

Highest levels of security & hygiene – the basic principle for endless bathing pleasure


Clean, hygienic swimming pool water with no risk of infection is a legal obligation. The BWT bathing water treatment system meets the relevant standards required by the Spa Hygiene Act, the ordinance and many other regulations. Therefore, renowned well-being hotels and a great number of thermal baths all over Austria rely on BWT processed and purified bathing water.


BWT swimming pool filter systems act like a sieve and remove coarse particles from the bathing water. Our swimming pool maintenance agents and disinfection systems are used for subsequent disinfection. As a result, bacteria are successfully removed, harmful germs killed, viruses inactivated and organic contaminations decomposed. At the same time our agents and systems do not have any side effects for the bathers, do not cause any skin problems and do not influence the smell or the taste of the water. Our BWT measuring and control systems constantly measure right dose of disinfection agent (chlorine), the pH-value and redox potential in the water. For consistent water quality in swimming pools, around the clock.


Water treatment for commercial and municipal institutions (hotels, schools, office buildings)

Whether during the holidays or on business trips (staying at a hotel), it is important that you can rely on the quality and hygiene of the water because the bigger the water system, the greater the potential of microbiological contamination and the danger of legionella. In terms of comprehensive hygiene management, BWT offers a number of process technological solutions for prophylaxis and the removal of legionella and other bacteria in water-carrying systems.


Water treatment for hospitals

In hospitals or during medical applications, the highest quality water is a top priority; in many cases it is, however, not sufficiently taken into consideration. Without adequate water treatment, the foundations for perfect hygienic and sanitary conditions are missing and a health risk may emerge for human beings. Furthermore, damage to the pipe systems and expensive machines as well as to equipment for medical and non-medical areas may occur without optimal water treatment.


From our many years of experience, we therefore urgently recommend the provision of a good water quality by taking account of the relevant standards and guidelines. We support our customers with their healthcare needs from water analysis to project planning and configuration, commissioning and instruction and maintenance of the water treatment system. As regards water-saving technologies and methods, we always offer the right solutions.

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