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BWT in gastronomy

Water is not just water!

The composition and ingredients of tap water vary greatly from region to region. Minerals which are essential for water as a foodstuff can be detrimental to the preparation of meals and drinks and the cleaning of dishes, glasses and cutlery in the gastronomy industry. These minerals are dissolved in water and as a result are invisible. Upon drying, however, they may form water stains or calcify technical appliances. At the same time, they can adversely influence the taste of hot drinks. Therefore water in many fields of the hotel and gastronomy industry must be treated on an individual basis. Our systems take account of the local water quality and the respective range of applications.


Professional BWT water softening and desalination systems soften the water and remove limescale and excessively high salt content in order to reduce washing-up liquid and energy consumption and thus the environmental burden, making make glasses shine brilliantly on the guests’ tables with no limescale stains in sight.


BWT water + more filter candles

If the after-dinner espresso offends the guest’s palate with its inferior water quality, any connoisseur will consider the total menu to be a flop. From coffee shops to gourmet restaurants, the motto is: to please the unerring palate of the guests, a product must be of top and constant quality. This makes water the most important currency in any high-quality gastronomy business. To achieve the best aroma from exquisite Sensha green tea, the aromatic mocha from Ethiopian highland coffee and the elegant espresso from Mexico Maragogype coffee beans, gourmet quality water is needed. This is guaranteed with our filter candles, which are used in classic professional coffee machines as well as vending devices (incl. coffee dispensers which are becoming more and more popular).


Our water optimisation for combi-steamers and baking ovens ensures that no limescale can be deposited in the devices and the micro-nozzles of the valuable device technology are protected with taste-inhibiting substances, e.g. chlorine, being removed. In this way, the gastronomy industry is able to produce light and airy pastries with a crispy crust, vegetables retain their appetizing colour and valuable ingredients and roasted meats stay juicy in the centre and develop a fine aroma.


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BWT in der Gastronomie