BWT in the beverages industry - BWT Best Water Technology 

BWT in the beverages industry

High requirements for water


The quality of beverages is dependent on the quality of the raw material, water. Brewers and beverage manufacturers set different requirements for this raw water. All sections, however, require hygienic production or filling water complying with legal provisions and the company’s own high quality requirements; i.e. water may not influence the smell and taste of the final product, may not cause any cloudiness, may not influence the production process and may not cause corrosion or leave deposits in systems or bottles.


Different starting bases


As each spring or well water has a different composition, water treatment must be tailor-made for each manufacturer. Only this way can the raw material meet all quality requirements of our customers from the food and beverage industry.


Individual solutions for all industrial sectors


In breweries, the brewing water is composed differently for the individual types of beer and essentially determines the taste, appearance and shelf life of the beer. In addition, it must comply with legal provisions – e.g. the compliance with a certain maximum nitrate content.


In the fruit juice industry, the dilution water used in fruit juice manufacturing must, to a great extent, be desalinated in order to avoid secondary reactions with the concentrate, cloudiness and impairment of the flavour.
For optically appealing and storage-stable soft drinks, the filling water must be treated and meet the detailed requirements of the licensor. Apart from that, we offer the soft drink industry process water for bottle cleaning machines and filling stations.


High legal quality requirements are placed in particular on mineral water. In general, water treatment must be used to ensure that the characteristics of a mineral water are not changed. We offer numerous proven and patented methods for guaranteeing consistent water quality to our customers in the mineral water industry.

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